Knitted flowers at Haddington in bloom 2016

This year for the first time we will display our hand-made flowers at Haddington in Bloom: from the 29th July to the 8th August 2016. Don’t miss this unusual display!




See you at the 3 Harbours Arts Festival

This year we are delighted to take part in the 3 Harbours Arts Festival.

Join us at the Chalmers Memorial Church Hall in Port Seton (venue 16), from 4 to 12th June 2016. You will find lots of nice creations to admire and touch and you can even try to spin your own yarn!

We will be there all week and we look forward to seeing you soon.

New Picture

Weekend Away

Hi everyone. There is considerable interest in the idea of having a weekend away at Innerwick outdoor centre to do our own spinning, dyeing, knitting, felting weaving thing. Settling on a date is proving an issue. Do we want to go ahead with a self taught weekend on the 27th and 28th Novenber or wait until we can arrange a tutor to come along too, say in Jan or Feb? Please give me your brain waves on this. We need heaps of people [at least a dozen] to make this work. Do you have friends who would like to join us? We would welcome any one interested in woolly things!

Be brave, blog me back! ……….or something.


What about blogging?

The Haddington Spinners and Weavers group were wondering about getting a web presence. One of our members, whom I won’t name, is already a regular user of blogs and had suggested we should try that!

As for me, blogging is something completely new, but since I am doing a course in information management and have to learn about blogging, I thought I’d give it a try.  And a start.

I was informed yesterday by one of our ex-members that we were donated a weaving frame of a sort I can’t remember the name. It will be surprise time on Tuesday morning!