Wool campaign: wool as a sustainable resource

I was recently made aware of the wool campaign, launched by the Prince of Wales in January this year. As you may or may not know, Prince Charles has been quite active as an environmentalist. I’m not particularly in favour of the royal family, but if a well known figure such as Prince Charles uses his influence to promote wool, I’m certainly not going to complain. The official website of the Wool Campaign has a page that highlights the role played by artisans and knitting and craft industries. This campaign tends to be quite industry-focussed, in that we are talking of big business – such as carpets and rugs, insulation, interior design or high quality garments – and the website is basic in the informatin provided, but I hope it will help to raise the awareness of the necessity to use and promote wool. I also recently read an article in the Resurgence magazine about wool, which was compared to wood: both are local, sustainable and under-valued resources. I thought this was very true.

Another interesting website I came accross is Woolipedia. It is a commercial website but has interesting facts about wool and the industry of wool. It has got an Arts and Crafts section, which could be updated, if anyone here is inpired, the woolipedia people seem happy to receive feedback , suggestions and contributions!

by Alexandra