Open Day 2012

Our Open Day is only one week away! Find us on Saturday 3rd March from 10am to 4pm on the top floor of the Poldrate Granary.

This year we shall be joined by Scottish Fibres as usual which is a wonderful opportunity to see their huge range of books, fibres and spinning/weaving/crafting equipment first hand. We shall also have the group great wheel available for you to try, an opportunity to use the drum carder to create your own ravishing batts from a range of colourful fibres and a market table for anyone with items for sale.
This is the highlight of our year – don’t miss it! If you can’t come regularly on a Tuesday it is the ideal opportunity to get together. Bring your wheel/spindle/latest project/family and friends/ packed lunch and spend the day with us or pop in to have a cuppa and a chat.


Great wheel

This is our new Great Wheel.

Great wheel
Great wheel
It’s made of yew wood, has a forty inch drive wheel, is in perfect spinning condition and comes apart for travelling.
How do you spin on it? Well, it’s like a spindle set on its side which is twirled round by turning the drive wheel with your hand. You’ve only got your left hand to draft with so you draft using a long draw, from rolags. Once you get the hang of it, it’s a very fast way to spin.
Nice arty video here…. and a more educational one here .
It won’t arrive till after woolfest so we’ve plenty of time to practice making rolags and doing long draw!